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FAQ AND Information on How to Order your dream tail:

What are the tails made of?
​Pearlie Mae's Art Tails are made with prosthetic-grade, platinum-cure silicone rubber (popularly called Dragonskin); fine art pigments, specialty fabrics and interfacings. 

What kind of monofin do you include?
Your tail will be built around an exclusively designed, custom-fit polycarbonate monofin.  

Are there seams on your tails?
No. Tails are built a row of scales at a time, like the body of a real fish.

How much do your tails typically weigh?
Out of the water, Pearlie Mae Art Tails weigh between 20 to 25 pounds. Silicone is neutrally buoyant in water, so they are practically weightless!

I have an idea for __________________, can you do it?
As a new tailmaker, I am happy to consult on any and every aspect of your tail design. New flukes, fins, and scale textures are being added to the roster of offerings all the time, and am happy to attempt concepts you may have. This is a limited time offer included in the current pricing, as we build a library of options so that each client gets the tail that they’ve envisioned.

How do I provide my measurements?
For the absolute BEST fit, you will be asked to make and mail a mannequin of your body from the waist down. The link to the easy tutorial video can be found HERE If you can't make one, detailed instructions on taking your measurements will be provided.

How do I get my dream tail design started?
Once your payment or deposit is received, we can begin the consultation process in order to build you your dream tail!

How much are your tails?
Pearlie Mae’s Art Tails are currently priced at $3,500.00

Do you accept payments plans?
Yes! Click
HERE to view Installment Plans

What types of payment do you accept?
​Payments are accepted through PayPal.

Are dorsal and side fins extra?
At this time, up to four side fins are included in the price. Dorsal fins are not currently available, but we can discuss!

How long before my tail is completed?
From the time your tail moves up into the No. 1 slot to completion could be several months. Some tails take longer than others and it's hard to estimate. Allow at least a year to completion. You will receive regular updates and photos on the progress of your tail.

Is there an extra charge for rush orders? I need my tail by XX/XX/XX for a gig/party/convention, etc.
Currently, rush orders cannot be accommodated.

Is there any kind of warranty?
​Yes. For the first year from the date of delivery, your tail is covered for structural problems arising from typical use. There is a 50/50 shipping arrangement for repairs where you pay to ship it to us, we pay to ship it back. Since these are the first tails to be made by Pearlie Mae's Beautiful Nonsense, adjustments and repairs will be part of the refinement process. Damage from abuse or neglect is not covered by this warranty and each case will be individually assessed.

What are the shipping charges?
​Shipping charges are calculated at the completion of your tail and will vary by weight and destination. You will be notified of final shipping charges and your tail will go out once payment is confirmed. If you have an account with a shipper (Fed Ex, UPS), we can ship it using your account number.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, but international rates, tariffs, customs charges, etc., are all the responsibility of the client. Also, different countries have different rules governing the shipping of items and we cannot be held responsible for either US Customs or the countries’ customs departments holding a tail.

How do I order?
​To begin your tail order, go to


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