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​One of the most mysterious creatures from mythology, the Mermaid holds our imagination like no other. Our fascination runs deep and while completely implausible, we continue to question whether or not these creatures can be real. Every culture worldwide has some sort of water spirit mythology...

“Mermaids are the new Vampires” is what the entertainment industry is trying to make us believe, but it’s more to attract interest in what they feel is going to be the next ‘big thing’, something to cash in on.

But modern mermaiding goes much farther than that. Annette Kellerman (1886-1975) is credited with being the first professional mermaid and invented synchronized swimming. The famous Florida mermaid attraction, Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, has been entertaining folks since 1947. The Coney Island Mermaid Parade, the country’s largest art parade, has been marching down Surf Avenue in Brooklyn since 1983. 

​“Ask any mermaid you happen to see...”, a famous advertising jingle to be sure, but ask any of the hundreds of people worldwide why they costume themselves as merfolk and swim around dolphin-kicking, and you are likely to get a myriad of answers. “It’s as close to flying without wings as I can get”, “I fell in love with The Little Mermaid/Splash/Aquamarine and dreamed of being a mermaid since I was little”, “I love the ocean”...the reasons tie us all to the sea.

​Cosplay has become part of the popular culture recently and elaborate costuming is constantly being taken to new heights. Modern mers take it to the next level and enjoy the opportunity to be part of the environment their namesake would imply...the water!

​ Swimming and performing in a mermaid (or merman) tail is not for the novice! It could be quite dangerous if you are not already a skilled swimmer. Many mermaid performers are also certified SCUBA divers, freedivers, and lifeguards. Learning to swim with a commercial monofin - a swim fin where both feet are enclosed in foot pockets in the same fin - using a dolphin-kick, an undulating underwater swim stroke, is the first step in mermaiding.

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